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Small circle screen,OLED screen,customized LCD display panel

2020-09-03 18:00

Hangzhou LEEHON Technology has launched new products such as 1inch to10.1 inch round screens, OLED color screens, customized LCD screens, etc., mainly to make up for the vacancy of consumer and commercial LCD displays. small size provides more choice for customers , also with obvious price advantages .
Circle screen
The newly launched circular screens are mainly in small size and are mainly used in watches, robots and other equipment. The off-the-shape sizes are: 2.1 inches, 1.3 inches, 1.22 inches, 2.5 inches, and 4 inches.
Introduction to circular screen parameters:

OLED color screen
The OLED color screen launched this time is mainly small and medium-sized, and can be used in military, medical, AR/VR and other display devices. It can reach a working temperature of -40°C. The small-size OLED can be used for ultra-high brightness. The display effect is comparable to LCD LCD screens. To be better, the current main size is 0.23 inch ~ 8 inch
Basic parameters of OLED color screen:

Customized LCD display panel

The size ranges from 0.96 inch to 10.4 inch, and provides screens with different dimention and different parameters.
The main features are high brightness, IPS full viewing angle, high scores, interfaces have RGB, MIPI, LVDS,
and can be matched with resistive and capacitive touch screens. Each size has many optionality .


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  • address:Xihu district, Hangzhou city, China
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