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How to choose a macthing touch panel

2019-09-24 08:54

Right now for industrial application, two kinds of touch screens are widely used: capacitive touch (in short we call CTP), and resistive touch(in short we call RTP).

In order to choose the most suitable touch panel, we first should know the difference of the two: CTP is working by our fingers directly touch its surface,
RTP is working because of a certain pressure, so based on different application scenario, choose a certain type that most suitable!


Normally, RTP touch size is a little smaller than the LCD size, in this case, to avoid incorrect pressure to make the touch function in disorder.
For RTP touch, there is 4w most widely used brand is AMT, and aslo 5w, both with USB touch controller available.

But for CTP, it is different, there are different structure request, so the CTP size can be different as clients request,
it can be smaller, or same , or bigger than the LCD size, but to remember, the touch active area, is always same, or bigger than the LCD active area, this is the most important.

There are USB/I2C interfaces for capacitive touch screens. For USB touch, there is already drive program,  to download, and make it work,
but for I2C interface, we can only offer IC data sheet and initial code for clients reference, there is no ready program to download.

So it is important that clients should first have a LCD screen, then to choose the best touch panel based on this lcd size, and its application area!

If our normal touch screens can not be used, pls do not worry, all touch panels can be customised!