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Advantages of optical bonding

2024-01-16 14:56

Advantages of optical bonding:

For current optical bonding, also called no-air bonding, there are mainly 2 types, OCA boning, and OCR bonding.

Compared with traditional frame boonding, also called air bonding, the advantages of OCA/OCR water gel :

●optical bonding can isolate dust and water vapor. The common air bonding method is easy polluted by dust and water vapor around the invironment, which affects the display effect.
In the OCA/OCR bonding, the glue or film completely fills the gap between the LCD and the touch, it is finished in a dust-free workshop, by professional engineer,
with professional machine, to make sure it is perfectly non dust;

optical bonding

● Better display performance, the full-fit technology in optical bonding eliminates the air between the screen and the glass cover,
which can greatly reduce the reflection of light, at the same time,  increase the brightness, and enhance the display effect.

●Reducing noise interference, the no air combination of the touch screen and lcd panel, in addition to improving the strength,
it can also effectively reduce the interference caused by the noise on the touch signal and improve the smoothness during operation;

●optical bonding makes the body thinner. The touch and the lcd screen are glued with optical glue, which only increases the
overall thickness of 25~50 microns, which is 0.1-0.7mm thinner than the air bonding;

● optical bonding largely reduce the assembly problem cased by the deviation of the touch and LCD, simplifies the assembly process,
and contributes a lot to nassrow frame designs, which can be directly fixed by means of snap or lock screws, reduces assembly cost.
To conclude, optical bonding is more and more popular for clients now. except a little higher extra cost for the bonding handle,
it is perfectly shows the high request of a better display performance!