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How to judge the quality of industrial LCD screens ?

2020-07-28 17:25

Nowadays, there are many brands of industrial display screens on the market, and the quality is also uneven. How should we judge the quality of LCD screens? LEEHON Technology will explain the techniques.
The quality of industrial display screens is related to one of the important criteria for judging LCD screens: that is the number of "bright dots".
What are the bright dots? It’s a pixel that is continuously lit and does not accept the extinguishing signal will appear in the picture of the LCD screen, which is also called a "dead pixel" in the industry. The bright dots are generally not easy to detect, and you must watch them carefully under the black screen of the industrial display screen. Now there are also professional software tools for measuring the dead pixels of the LCD screen, which can be tested directly. The bright dot is actually produced during the process of manufacturing the LCD panel, so there will be a bright dot problem when leaving the factory.
These screens will have bright dots when they leave the factory, what will the original factory do? The original factory usually directly sells the display with bright dots to the supplier at a low price, so when a supplier's price is much lower than the market price, then their display must be different quality.

How to judge the effect of industrial display? This is a common question of many consumers. When selecting models, no matter how beautiful an industrial display manufacturer's product is, the technical indicators and the actual performance of the screen are often different, so we still have to "seeing is believing" is the most important thing.

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