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AUO new general displays and EOL schedule

2020-10-21 09:18

AUO The Global Leader in General Displays, with Deep expertise and manufacturing experience ensure industrial-grade reliability and quality for stable operation.
AUO GD provides min 3 years product longevity from mass production. 

New lcd modules coming as following:

LCD new model Mass production schedule
G067TAX01.0 ~ 2020/Q4
G070VAT01.0 ~ 2021/Q1
G101EAN02.5 ~ 2021/Q1
G101EAN02.6 ~ 2021/Q1
G133ZAN01.1 ~ 2021/Q2
G150XTN06.C ~ 2021/Q1
G150XAN02.0 ~ 2020/Q4
G150XAB03.0 ~ 2020/Q4
G156HAN02.3 ~ 2021/Q1
G156HAN04.0 ~ 2021/Q2
G170HAN01.0 ~ 2021/Q2
G170HAN01.1 ~ 2021/Q1
G185HAN01.3  ~ 2021/Q1
G190ETN01.001 ~ 2021/Q2
G190ETN01.204 ~ 2021/Q2
G190ETN01.601 ~ 2021/Q2
G213UAN01.0 ~ 2022/Q1
G213UAN01.1 ~ 2021/Q4
G215HAN01.501 ~ 2021/Q1
G215HVN01.3 ~ 2021/Q1
G240UAN01.2 ~ 2021/Q2
G270QAN01.1 ~ 2021/Q1
G270QAN01.3 ~ 2021/Q4
G270ZAN01.5 ~ 2021/Q1
G320ZAN02.1 ~ 2021/Q1

To secure customer business running smoothly, AUO GD product phase-out procedure is as 

Some old type will be scheduled EOL, please find as below:
EOL model Last Time  Buy order EOL schedule 
A035QN05 V2 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G050VTN01.1 ~2021/Sep. ~2021/Dec.
G050TAN01.0 ~2021/Jun. ~2021/Sep.
G057VTN01.0 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G070VVN01.0 ~2021/May ~2021/Aug.
A080STN01.0 ~2021/Jul. ~2021/Oct.
G090VTN02.0 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G101EVN01.5 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G101EVT04.0 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G121STN01.0 ~2020/Dec. ~2021/Mar.
G121XN01 V0 ~2021/Jul. ~2021/Oct.
G121XTN01.0 ~2021/Jul. ~2021/Oct.
B125XTN03.0 ~2020/Sep. ~2020/Dec.
G133XTN01.0 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G150XVN01.2 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G150XTN06.3 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
G150XTN06.5 ~2021/Jun. ~2021/Sep.
G150XTK01.0 ~2020/Dec. ~2021/Mar.
G151EVN01.0 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.
B156HAN02.1 ~2020/Sep. ~2020/Dec.
G190EG02 V0 ~2020/Dec. ~2021/Mar.
G190ETN01.0 ~2021/Jul. ~2021/Oct.
G190ETN01.2 ~2021/Jul. ~2021/Oct.
G190ETN01.6 ~2021/Jul. ~2021/Oct.
G190EAN01.1 ~2021/May ~2021/Aug.
G213QAN01.0 ~2021/Jun. ~2021/Sep.
G238HAN01.2 ~2021/Mar. ~2021/Jun.

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