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Advantages of LCD color screen

2019-08-05 16:27

LCD color screen is also called TFT display screen.
With the maturity of LCD color screen technology in the early 1990s, color LCD screens have developed rapidly. within 10 years LCD color screens have rapidly grown into mainstream displays. This is inseparable from its advantages. The main advantages are:

1. Good use characteristics: low voltage application, low driving voltage, solidification safety and reliability improvement; flat, thin and light, saving a lot of raw materials and space; low power consumption, serialization, variety, use Convenient and flexible, easy to repair, update, upgrade, long life and many other features, is a full-size display terminal; display quality from the simplest monochrome character graphics to high resolution, good color fidelity, high brightness, high contrast, Display screens of various specifications with high response speed; display modes include direct view, projection type, perspective type, and reflective type.

2. Good environmental protection features: no radiation, no flicker, no harm to users' health. Especially the appearance of LCD color display e-books will bring humans into the era of paperless office and paperless printing, causing human learning and dissemination. And remember the revolution of the way of civilization.

LCD color screen:lcd color screen

3. Wide application range, used in many fields.

4. The automation of manufacturing technology is high, and good characteristics of the large-scale industrial production  . Mature industry technology for the LCD color displays  , and the yield of large-scale production reaches over 90%.

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